Crack Death Rate in Utah and the United States

The use of crack cocaine, although not as prominent as in past decades, remains common in the state of Utah and throughout the United States as a whole. It is a cheap option for many drug users looking for a stimulating high and is often used in cases where other stimulants drugs, such as methamphetamine, are unavailable or have been cracked down on by law enforcement.

Crack Cocaine in Utah

In Utah, crack cocaine has been on an uptick in the past decade. After law enforcement began to crack down on methamphetamine, dealers and users began to turn to crack cocaine as an affordable substitute. Utah as a whole was spared much of the problems the nation faced with the crack epidemic in the 1980s, but the drug has managed to eventually find its way to the state.

Overdose Deaths from Crack in Utah

Death rates for crack, in particular, are hard to determine, as it is often combined in data with cocaine. In Utah, there were 48 deaths related to cocaine overdoses in 2016, with a good portion of these likely involving the use of crack cocaine. This was around a 10% increase over the previous year.

Overdose Deaths from Crack in the United States

In the United States as a whole, there were over 10,000 cocaine-related overdosedeaths in 2016, anear 50% increase over the previous year. This increase was particularlynotable among young men, and was matched with a general uptick in the use ofpsychostimulants of all categories.

A Worrying Trend

Opioids have not been the only drug to see an increase in use in recent years. Unfortunately, cocaine has seen a resurgence in many states. Although attentionis being rightfully focused on the opioid crisis, it is important not to losesight of the abuse of other drugs.